Podman - base fails VS _dev works

Hi guys.
I was not sure whether that would be something to pursue at Podman’s end or here and thought I try first here.

‘podman’ is happy with ‘discourse_dev’ but opposite is true when trying ‘base’

-> $ podman image pull docker.io/discourse/base
Trying to pull docker.io/discourse/base:latest...
manifest unknown: manifest unknown
Error: Error initializing source docker://discourse/base:latest: Error reading manifest latest in docker.io/discourse/base: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

Would you guys know if perhaps any work-around or a fix, a resolution exists or is being worked on by Discourse devel? Or maybe there is something that could be passed on to Podman’s guys?

many thanks, L.

Can you try while specifying a tag? Current production image is discourse/base:2.0.20210217-2235


Hi. That seems to work.

-> $ podman image pull docker.io/discourse/base:2.0.20210217-2235
Trying to pull docker.io/discourse/base:2.0.20210217-2235...
Getting image source signatures
Copying blob 45b42c59be33 skipped: already exists  
Copying blob cd601b5dee65 done  
Copying config 7027ba787a done  
Writing manifest to image destination
Storing signatures

Why would ‘defaults(latest)’ not work - do you know?
Is it something you guys @Discourse can fix or help to fix?

many thanks, L.

We don’t use the magic latest tag, you should always be specific on what tag you want.

And would not that be really very easy & nice, to use a little bit of magic? :star_struck:
thanks, L.