Poll closing time is shown to user in server time

  • This is just
  • a demonstration poll
  • which closes
  • at 1 pm UTC next Tuesday.

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Now bring your cursor over the text on the bottom right which tells when the poll closes. It shows you that the exact time of closure is 1 pm. No matter where you are and what the local time of your device is. It can be confusing. A very minor issue but maybe worth fixing some day.


Actually that is only the server time in one of 24 time zones.

“UTC” is Universal Time Coordinated

i.e. 0° longitude not adjusted for daylight savings.

It has the benefit of being the correct time for everyone, everywhere.


I’d say it’s pretty unexpected given that the other dates in the app (hovering over the post date in the top right, or the created / last reply dates in the topic summary, for example), are given in the user’s time zone.


Should be fixed in


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