Timezone issue in Autoclose topic

On version 1.2.1 - commit 590b73e25e09bc6f8781585604b18738bc79fbdf

When setting the time for autoclose I enter a local time and press save.

When I reopen that same dialogue it is 12 hours later than expected. My timezone is UTC+12.

The auto save absolute time entry appears to use server time. It does not use local time, but it should. Cc: @neil

We’ve noticed that time has been a bit wonky for as long as I can remember.

Not a top priority since most don’t even notice, but @cpradio @TechnoBear and I are the exception, we’ve tested heavily.

For an example, screen captured just now, the times on a member’s “activity” and the actual post aren’t always in sync

from Activity

the post

True, but I think that’s more from caching than anything else, but I could very well be wrong with that. The Timezone issue in Autoclose may explain some of the weirdness I’ve seen around closing topics lately.

For 1, it closed immediately when I put in 2192 hours from last response, and 2, I’ve seen it not take my change, so I entered it again, and then it takes.

I fixed the bug mentioned in the op today, so it will make it into the 1.3 release. Entering the auto-close time now takes into account your local time zone.