I have a category where it is visible for everyone but only one group can create topics and reply.

When I create a poll, the public is still able to vote but when they click they get an error message.

So my question is:

Is it possible to have a poll restricted to only members of the group it is posted in filled automatically? The category is restricted to that group regarding participation. I want to avoid to manually to do those setting.

I don’t think there’s a way to do this through the UI, but I’ve had some success on another site using a poll template with the specifics in that I use in each case that I can then just copy/paste in and manually tweak in the composer. Something like:

[poll type=regular results=on_vote public=true chartType=bar groups=team]
# **Bold Title**
* option one
* option two
* option three

You could also use the Templates plugin to make it even handier.

Alternatively, if your categories’ security settings aren’t going to change over time, you could create a JS script that returns the current category, and accordingly changes the poll’s default settings following this example: