Poll with restriction to groups: members can't vote

We’ve created a post with 2 polls in a category visible to users of 2 groups.
The poll was restricted to one of these 2 groups.

Then I noticed that users who are a member of the group which the polls were restricted to couldn’t vote. They get a message that they hat to be member of the said group to poll. The users are members of both of the groups which have access to the category.

Is that caused by using 2 polls in the same posting or a problem at all or does our installation have a problem (regarding my unsolved skipped notifications “watching first post” mail not sent

I believe this happens when the parameter “who can see the members” of the group that can vote is set to owner and up, ie not the members themselves.

That you for that hint - I’ll try that out.

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Settings are exactly as you assumed, group is visible for owner and Moderators, members also.

There is no problem for the members to post and reply in their categories. On this background, is it the planned behaviour that they cannot participate in polls?
I’d have to change either the visibility settings or the polls for them to enable them.

Are there plans to change the behaviour?

I don’t know about that.

Maybe not but it might have to do with the fact that if the option is set in the poll, the voters can be seen in the results, not sure.