Poll in restricted topic where users can’t reply

An user of my community sent me a message saying he can’t vote on the category we have for community announcements
We use that category to post updates of our community, and yesterday we made a poll asking users what did they think about a change, and an user sent me this

Hi Diego,
I get this error when trying to vote on the poll:

You can’t vote because you can’t post in this topic.

Surfing through Discourse code I found that the message ID was user_cant_post_in_topic, and it’s triggered when an user tries to vote on a poll but he can’t post any reply to it

So, my question is:

Is possible to create a setting to enable or disable that check?
I mean a way to allow users who can’t reply to vote on polls

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i found a workaround for this until something better can be implemented.

you can go into the category settings and edit the permissions to where everyone (or whicever group you decide) is able to reply/see for the category. then if you dont want people to reply to the topic but you still want them to be able to vote on the poll, just close the topic.

Just checking, are you referring to polls (like the one I included below) or the Discourse Voting plugin?

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  • Option 2

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To polls, Discourse Polls that is integrated in Core

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I take it the category the poll is in is restricted. Users can only read?

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Yep, if users cannot reply then they can’t vote on polls