Can't close down the poll breakdown window

When I look at a poll breakdown, there is no way to close down the window and return to the poll / post.

Instead I have to go ‘back’ on the browser and then navigate forward in order to get back to the Topic.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Have a UCF in the poll_groupable_user_fields setting
  2. Set up a poll and get some results
  3. Click on the Breakdown option behind the gear icon on the post

The breakdowns should now show nicely (and they are super nice!), but there is no way to leave the displayed window.


I can repro the issue:

Clilcking like a madman outside the modal, pressing Esc… Won’t close the modal.


Thank you for the report! Fixed in FIX: Make poll breakdown modal closable again by CvX · Pull Request #22952 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

edit: there will be a followup to address css regressions too
edit2: those are now fixed in FIX: Poll breakdown regressions by CvX · Pull Request #22955 · discourse/discourse · GitHub


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