Port forwarding?

I’m using following setup, which ran for about 2 year without issues.

  1. Virtual machine, dedicated for default docker/discourse installation.
  2. My firewall forwards port 17601 towards 80 for external use.

Today, I’ve update to 2.4.0.beta10.
Now, it still works from internall (http://hostname.localdomain), but from the outside world (http://publicIP:17601), I’m getting a blank page?

When I look at the source for this blank page, I see all data?
So it’s working partially, but somewhere I’m getting an (layout?) issue.

Any advice/tips?

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Do you see any errors in the browser console? It could be related to CSP.

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Indeed. When I disable this, it seems to work. :+1:

The same is for local use. I noticed that it was working with the hostname (http://hostname), but not with the IP (http://localip). After disabling CSP, it works with IP as well.

Guess I’ll need to read a bit more about this Content-Security-Policy. :blush:


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