Position of avatar on mobile version

I use a forum that uses Discourse, so I’m not sure if this problem is in the core or a configuration issue.
Basically, in the mobile view, my avatar is off screen to the right so to view it and see if I have notifications I have to scroll the screen left. That means I often don’t realise I have a notification.
Also, since this change, when I add a comment, the edit box is the full width of the page, including the avatar, so I cant see the left or right of the box. That also has the side affect of loosing the button to submit the comment, so I have to dismiss the keyboard, scroll the page up and down to force the format to refresh and then I can see the button and the full message.
If this is a configuration issue then I will get back to the forum creator and ask for it to be looked into again.


Hello @AdyR, welcome to Meta :discourse: :tada:

Does this happen at this forum too?

You could also try safe mode to disable customizations at the other forum.

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I have just tried viewing this on my mobile and it looks fine. Also typing here is good, so I guess it’s a configuration issue.
I should have tried that first, so thank you for suggesting the obvious :grin:


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