Possible DST issue with local dates in Germany

Regarding the date example in the 3.1.0-beta3 release notes: Maybe Germany is not the best example, because the date conversion is broken there. It should display 17:30 like you wrote, but it actually does display 18:30. It apparently uses the wrong daylight saving time.


Thanks, this is interesting. Wonder if one of our libraries is out of date? Don’t think DST rules have changed recently though…

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I reported that in chat too

Originally sent in general

Just want to report: no they don't. They see 6:30pm (18:30).


hmm I wonder if this is a daylight savings bug 2023-03-01T17:30:00Z



Note that since 2 days Berlin now uses CEST, no longer CET (because of daylight savings). That should be taken into account when trying to reproduce this.

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