Possible to add comment count (to a Ghost blog)?

I just integrated Discourse into a Ghost blog I recently started up and am using the Eston theme. By default Eston is set up to use Disqus, which comes with the possibility to add a widget of the comment count at the bottom of the post preview (or wherever, really) as such:
comment count
As I’m using Discourse instead of Disqus, would it be possible to similarly access a topic’s comment count so that I could integrate it into my Ghost blog using Eston?

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See Embedding Discourse Comments via Javascript, @codinghorror’s blog is on Ghost and embeds comments.


I’d already gotten Discourse embedded into Ghost a while ago (that was surprisingly easy!) and knowledge of @codinghorror’s integration was definitely a push in the right direction when I was deciding what to use with Ghost. My issue therefore isn’t about installation but rather about grabbing comment count numbers for the front page of the blog (where only excerpts of blog posts are shown, and Discourse isn’t even loaded). But if I gather correctly that the place to ask about this is over on that Embedding Discourse thread then I’ll do so. Thanks!

Did you come up with a solution? I am also interested in that feature.

Whoops, I’m glad you asked, because I seem to have forgotten to add a link to the “solution” that was put together for my blog. The script that was created by Vikas Potluri can be found on GitHub. You can find Vikas over on Ghost’s forum if you need to ask any questions about it (don’t ask me about it, I’m not capable of that kind of coding). And if you’re interested you can see the script in action on my blog (neglected for a while now, but soon to be active again).


Thank you, I really appreciate your quick reply.
I just need to find a way to have the embed be a button with a url to discourse.

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