Possible to configure shareable hyperlinks w/ different domain

Hi there,

Let’s say I have a flourishing forum at discourse.example.com and I also have a nice shortened domain like link.io. Is it possible to configure discourse to use the shortened domain for shareable hyperlinks?

Thanks for the great software!

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Not at the moment, but I feel like if you are going for shortened links under the :chains: icon you would probably want to go all the way.


Could be something like:


So the actual feature you would want is automatic integration of a custom link shortener.


Yeah, now that you mention it, you’re right. A custom link shortener is what I’m asking. Obviously not necessary, but it would be super cool, especially since a lot of the links on subdomains can get rather lengthy.

Because this now smells like a feature request, would you like me to recategorize this topic under #feature?


I was planning on opening a thread about suggesting this exact feature, but saw that one actually existed.

How’s the project doing? :content:

I’d really love to have this here :content: