Possible to direct to specific page based on custom parameter

I have LTI set up with Moodle, and the login works, but I am always taken to the homepage. Ideally, I would like to add multiple LTI activities to Moodle, each going to specific categories and/or topics. Is it possible to do this with the custom parameters, similar to how the invite code works?

Sorry for replying to my own post… I have attempted to put a URL to the category I would like to be displayed in the “Secure Tool URL” field, but I’m still directed to the homepage after login. I’ve also tried adding return_path=<full page URL in the custom parameters box, and that appears to not do anything. Any thoughts?

I’m afraid I’m not super familiar with Moodle, but in theory putting a category/topic URL in the tool URL field should work :thinking:

Just checking -have you set the same thing in the “Tool URL” field as well? Skimming through the docs it seems like these are both available. (and Secure Tool URL is only used if your moodle is running on HTTPS)

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Wow… I’m going to be honest. I’ve looked at this screen so many times in the last month, and I literally never saw that option before today… That does work. I’m super sorry for wasting your time! Thank you for pointing though!


No worries at all - glad it worked!

Super confusing that they have two similar-but-not-quite-the-same URL fields. Hopefully this topic will help other people if they run into this problem in the future :rocket:

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