Possible to have a webhook only for new topics, not for replies etc.?

Currently using a webhook “Topic event” to notify Zapier to post to Twitter. My intention is to have new topics trigger a Tweet.

Now Zapier told me they halted my “Zap” because of violating the rule that says, no duplicate Tweets are allowed.

In my opinion this was the case, because the webhook is not only called for a new topic, but also for replies to a topic or when a topic was altered.

My question:

Is it possible to further narrow it down, so that the webhook only is called when a new topic is created?


Not sure… @vinothkannans is there a way to only get a hook for new topics, not posts.


Yes, by enabling only the “Topic Event” webhooks will be triggered only for events: topic created, revised, changed or deleted.

I think you mistakenly enabled the “Post Event” checkbox too (it’s enabled by default).


Thanks a lot, I’ll double-check that.

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