Possible to have 'username' tab open by default, instead of notifications?

Hi. I’d like to set up my Discourse site so that when a user clicks their profile icon, the default tab shown is the ‘username’ tab (i.e. the one with summary, activity, etc.) rather than the notifications one. Is there a way to do this?

Secondly to that, what’s the best option for removing or renaming some of the options in that tab? For example if I wanted the list to be simply “Activity | Messages | Settings | Log Out” and change ‘Preferences’ to ‘Settings’.

Thanks for any advice!

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have you looked in:

Admin -> customise -> text


Ah of course! That let me change the name anyway, which is a start. Thanks!


If you want to make it easier to log out, I think you might add it to the hamburger menu. You can change those menus with theme components. If you want to remove things that’s pretty easy with CSS.