Show username menu instead of notification menu in user menu?

Is it possible that I show the username menu and not the notification menu, when I click on the username icon as shown in below pic?

This is because I want my users to have access to logout in one click.


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Hello and welcome to meta @oneflydown

No, currently not an option. Also why is ‘one-click logout’ important?

Press ? to see the keyboard shortcuts. There is a keyboard shortcut to log out.

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Thanks for reply, I personally don’t logout, but I have used Discourse for a client, and he is persistently asking for the same: may be from old school of thought.

Great, I have seen it ZZ. But, I have used Discourse for a client, and he wants it that way. May be I can post this in marketplace, as I am looking for few more customisation’s. Thanks

Btw, Is it not a change of default tab index, that I could achieve through, may be JavaScript?

You should create a theme component that puts a logout link…somewhere. I did this for a client whose community members are likely to be using public access computers.


You can do it by reopening the user-menu widget and change it’s default state. Simply change: currentQuickAccess: 'profile',, like this

<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="0.8.20">
  api.reopenWidget("user-menu", {
    defaultState() {
      return {
        currentQuickAccess: 'profile',
        hasUnread: false,
        markUnread: null

More details on user-menu widget, here:


Wow, such a simple tweak. Thanks @zcuric

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