Possible to run DFP and Adsense simultaneously?

I’m interested in running DFP in one or two of the ad locations, and either Adsense (or for that matter Amazon) code in other locations. Could this present problems? Is anyone currently doing it (example site?).


Hi Kenny,

Yes, you can run AdSense and DFP together. You just need to enable dynamic backfill option in DFP and even your dfp ad codes will show adsense ads when you don’t have any direct ads to display. In case you want to run Amazone code, that also can be done using DFP. There is no need to put other codes except DFp ad unit codes on your website.



Thanks Anil. I’m having trouble determining exactly which DFP code goes into the backend of DC - the code that goes in the field labeled:

Enter the code of the ad unit to display above topic lists. This is the short code (max 100 chars) of the ad unit, not the JavaScript code.

I need to rule out the possiblity that I’m inserting the wrong code before I look for any other problem. I"ve been running DFP for years, and this is puzzling me.