Possibly scary warning while abandoning a post edit

When you click edit on an existing post, change something and then try to discard the changes, this is the text you see:

I thought about how that warning was a bit scary when I was new to Discourse but I got used to it because I know that clicking yes won’t actually delete my existing post. A friend just reported this to me yesterday so I was wondering if anyone else here thinks that the text could be improved?

Would it be trivial to change the text to Are you sure you want to discard your changes? only when you click edit on an existing post? The current state works just fine for new posts.


I do think the text is a bit scary the first time you see it, but also that it should stay as it is.

Instead of changing the text, have you considered needing another option.

As an admin I am often composing a messages when something else comes along that needs more attention and I need to start a new post, or I am editing a response to a post and need to look at other post outside of the current post. In these cases I open a new browser tab, but then it opens with the edit currently active, so I have to click cancel then I have click Yes, abandon to close the edit so I can open a new topic. Having a third option at


to open a new tab with out the current edit active would be nice.

I can live with it the way it currently works and so no need for this to be requested as a feature, but if that idea works in your situation then feel free to recommend it.

It is certainly not correct copy for the edit scenario.


I often come across this when using multiple devices. If I start a reply on one device and finish it on another, then later when I go back to the first device the draft is still sitting there. The only way out is to cancel which leads to the scary warning. I have learned it does not delete my post but it looks like it will.

I dunno what the answer is here but it would be nice if discourse on the first device knew the post was saved elsewhere and close the composer.

Looks like someone already fixed this? So much better :ok_hand:


Yeah that was me :slight_smile: glad you noticed!