Trash icon to discard an edit doesn't seem quite right

I like the new trash icon for discarding a new topic or new post. But it doesn’t feel like quite the right fit when discarding an edit, as it makes it seem like they post may be deleted.

Maybe in the edit scenario it should be an X icon instead?


I agree. Cool trash can, but maybe an X is better.

I often start a post on one device and then log in using another to finish it, and then when I return to the first device my draft is still open from before. I know from experience that hitting the trash can is the action I want to dismiss the composer without saving further changes, but it does feel wrong to do so. I’d rather select an X than a trash can in this case.

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I noticed this as well the other day on mobile. “Trash” absolutely feels ambiguous with an edit - am I trashing the post I’m editing, or am I just cancelling the edits I’ve made (and leaving the post). I like the idea of an :x: for edits, trash for drafts (in grey of course). cc @awesomerobot


Yeah we should have path-specific code here that offers a different “close” glyph for edit @techapj. We already do this for the “Submit” button which shows different words and different glyph for edit versus initial post.


There’s already an {{if canEdit}} in the template, easy update.