Post approval page weird looking post preview section

Whenever there is an topic in approval the preview section of the pending post is way too small can’t resize it, and also there are many unnecessary gap or space at the bottom when we try to edit the post and scroll down to save the post, check the gif for better understanding.

Any idea, when this will be fixed?

On a site that’s running the latest Discourse code, here’s the layout I’m seeing when a topic is edited in the review queue:

The editor and the preview window are both set to take up 50% of the available width.

I see a lot of icons in the editor in your screenshot. Do you have the Formatting Toolbar plugin installed on your site? Maybe the extra icons are affecting the width of the editor.


This issue was there in the past when we didn’t had anything, clean discourse, but I uninstalled everything, still facing the issue!

On your clean install, are you still seeing all the formatting options on the composer? I think that what is happening is that the extra formatting options are making the composer wider than it is expected to be. It is possible that the formatting options are being added to the composer by a theme component. If you visit the site in safe-mode do you still see the same issue?

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Safe mode everything is fine, but isn’t there anything to solve this with plugin installed?

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Sure if you can identify which plugin has caused it.

If you can’t pinpoint the cause it’s impossible to determine if the issue lies with Discourse or third party code.

Thanks for confirming that. The issue seems to be that if a theme or a plugin adds a lot of extra buttons to the composer’s tool bar, the composer’s width will be increased to its maximum width to fit the extra buttons. This reduces the width of the preview area.

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Its Toolbar plugin, gif, keyboard plugin… All from the plugin category!

If there’s any method, we can hide these atleast for admin and staff; that would be great!

Something like showing more arrow kinda button from which we can select extra features; otherwise, it should be hidden for atleast admin and staff members, so the preview size won’t decrease.

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Unless it’s tagged #official it’s likely to be third-party code.

You will need to figure out which component is responsible, and let the author know in the relevant plugin or component topic.