Preview wide images in Editor Preview


Wide images are resized to the width of the column so there is a feature to display them at their original size by hovering over the image and clicking on it. The screenshot below shows what I see I hover over an image:

This issues becomes worse in the Editor Preview pane which is less than half the screen width. I can’t see any way to preview the image full size. This means that I have to view the image in another application.

I’d be happy with a preview pane that can be the width of the browser window.

(Mittineague) #2

You mean something like the “hide preview” but instead a “hide editor”?

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Wait sorry what is the issue? I am not following.


Yes, that would work.


For example, wide screenshots become unreadable in the preview pane.

I’ve realized that part of the issue is that the current preview pane is only a preview of the Editor pane, not actually a preview of how the forum post will appear in the current window. Normally, where I can have a preview, it is as the post will actually be displayed which is not what we get here because it is crammed into a smaller box.

I do realize that many of the forums and message boards I’ve used don’t even have anything worth previewing so the current situation is better than most. But Discourse isn’t one of those forums so expectations are higher.