Post flagged inappropriate by system

Hello everyone,

there are several posts of users on my hosted discourse who are flagged by the system as inappropriate. They do not post links or any bad language. So I dont know why they are flagged. Also I dont know how to help them?!
-> Can I somehow configure flagging by the system and even turn it off?

(found also others with that topic but not that specific)

Thank you!!!

The most probable reason is the anti-spam measure β€œthe user typed too fast.”

There could be others, but this was the first I encountered on my installation.

There recently was a really bizarre and thankfully brief bug around flagging that caused, in some rare circumstances, a like :heart: to be counted as a flag. So be sure to update to latest code!

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Thank you for the answers.

The system flagging we get dont seem because the user typed to fast or used inappropriate links.
Is there another option to somehow configure the system to flag posts?