Post is deleted and shows as hidden in topic, not marked as hidden or deleted in db

I am working on metrics and doing some crosscheck to make sure that my data is correct. I was looking at a specific post that I deleted and it shows as hidden in the topic view:


but in the database the hidden field is false and the deleted_at field is NULL.

Is this a bug or should I be looking at some other field / somewhere else?

The hidden field won’t necessarily be set, but the deleted_at field should be set. Are you sure you’re looking at the right post? Through the rails console you’ll need to search with something like Post.with_deleted.where("topic_id = ? AND deleted_at IS NOT NULL", your_topic_id)


So it’s a bit weird - I just checked back and that post is now deleted in the db… Not sure why it took awhile to refresh but we’re good.

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