Flagged Deleted Posts do not show up on User's Profile

Reproduction Steps:
Using a user account, create a topic or post (I don’t think it matters, I used a topic).
As a Moderator or Admin, Flag the Post/Topic as Off-Topic (any flag will do, I think).
After flagging the post/topic, delete the post/topic (this will auto-approve the flag).

  • Note: Generally discussion occurs with the flag first, we’re fast tracking that here. I also believe if you use an action on the flagged post in the Review Queue that deletes the post/topic, it results in the same issue.

Visit the user accounts profile page as a moderator/admin
Notice on their Summary, it has 1 flagged post, 1 deleted post (assuming this is their first, this issue applies even if it isn’t their first)
Click on 1 deleted post, the topic/post you deleted above is not listed.
Click on their Flagged Posts, you can see it there and see that it was deleted.

Expected Result:
I expect to see the deleted topic/post on the Deleted Post view of the user’s profile

Actual Result:
The topic/post is not shown.



@Roman_Rizzi / @eviltrout any ideas here?


Hidden posts won’t appear on the list.

The post is automatically hidden because the flag score is higher than the hide_post_sensitivity score. If the flag is approved, the post remains this way.

Maybe we could unhide posts after destroying them, but not sure if this could have side effects. Alternatively, we could change the deleted posts count to reflect this.

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Just a making sure I understand the scenario.

  1. Post is created
  2. Post gets flagged and subsequently hidden (visible to moderators/admins in topic and review queue though)
  3. Flag is dealt with and post is marked as deleted
  4. Still visible on topic to moderators/admins but not visible in deleted list on profile summary.

It still sounds/feels unexpected to me. Why would the deleted list off the profile summary want to hide deleted posts from moderators/admins when they are the only ones who can see these posts anyway…

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I merged a PR this morning to show hidden posts if the logged user is a staff member:


I believe this fixes the issue.