Post link auto-highlighting not always working on Edge and Windows 10 Chrome

I think this might only be on smaller screens (I don’t remember), but when you click a post’s link icon it displays this and auto-highlights the URL. This is great because it makes it easy to copy with Ctrl+C.


However, sometimes this doesn’t work as you can see below. I’m not 100% sure, but I think it’s the case that it only correctly auto-highlights the URL the first time this action is taken (short of a full page refresh). After doing this once, if you navigate to another post or even just close the popover and click the link icon a second time on the same post, the link won’t get highlighted automatically.


Hmm, I’m not able to repro on latest Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. Every time the share pop-up shows, the link is highlighted right away.

Strange. I’m on latest Chrome on Windows 10. The only other browser I have installed right now is Edge (not sure if pre or post Chromium) and it actually never highlights the URL.

Did you make sure to close the popover before clicking the share button a second time / on another post? It seems to only work for me if I don’t close the popover at all. I also just ruled out screen size by connecting to a monitor and seeing the same thing. I thought the behavior differed between screen sizes, but maybe I’m just remembering old behavior.

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I can’t speak for Windows 10 Chrome or Edge, but it definitely works without issue on the three browsers on Mac OS.

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In the title, are you referring to Chromium Edge or Legacy Edge?

Ha, well I didn’t set that title. @tshenry added that. I’m not sure, but given the icon it’s probably old Edge. I only checked there to see a second browser, as I primarily use Chrome.

I just installed Firefox, and it looks like it works there.

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Here's the old Microsoft Edge icon

Here's the new Microsoft Edge icon


Now do you know which version you’re using?

Yep, that’s what I thought. I was using old Edge before, which I understand isn’t supported by Discourse anymore. I just got the new Edge and unsurprisingly it has the same issue as Chrome. It works the first time, but never again until I refresh the page.