When I paste links it automatically turns them into markdown links? [Edge]

When I paste links, they automatically get markedown linked, as if I had pressed ctrl+k. This is definitely some weird user error situation, as other people in my organisation do not have the issue. But they use Chrome and I use Microsoft Edge. If I login via Chrome it does not do this.

Anyone got an idea as to what setting could be causing this? All my google fu returns nothing.

There is a “feature” in edge, which is enabled by default.


Thanks. You’ve spurred me into action to turn that off. I find I’m always editing them out!!


That is braindead solution from MS. Every app and other solution has its own method sniff out links and change it to <a href>. Even Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook… every social media platform can it and for that use such helpful feature has been done — and totally without need.

(OT: even I’m not ninja, guru or dev I’m part of old school. That means I have tendency use <grin> but on Discourse it just doesn’t work because the code is expecting a tag — as it should, I know. But it is really annoying :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

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Will shift - control-v paste just the url?

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No, it does all the shenanigans if you don’t defeat the option.

(oh SHIFT control V … I’ll check)

Good workaround @pfaffman SHIFT-CTRL-V does work with the setting left ON :tada:


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