Post template at Topic Level

I have been using the post template feature for categories. I really like this becuase it gives some guidance to the post on how to construct their post effectively. Good info in = good info out (Hopefully)

Today a need occurred to me to make these available at the topic level.

I can see how this might get messy in a couple of ways…

  • Retroactive addition of a post template to a thread (Mitigation: Simply not allow it, and restrict this feature to threads started by staff)
  • Conflict with a template enforced a the category level.

What are folk’s thoughts on this?

This seems similar to


I don’t know if it be as effective in getting members to actually read them, but I’m thinking it might be easier to have a “per topic” education modal.

@cpradio Yes, I the feature request you linked to would work well.

p.s. @codinghorror, I like how I can see edits made in a post in Discourse :slight_smile:

How did it go? I did try to search for it, but i can’t find anything like this.

I would really be happy to see a feature like this, too. We’re having a few topics where a “default” post-headlines should make very good sense. Fx. “My last buy”, “Rate users” (Sold items) and so on, where the intensity and information could be improved very much, just by making an default-post, that could remind the users to up in the link, the price and so on :slight_smile: Nothing smart - but just typing in a few things, so it’s made sense to the poster in the thread.

I’m very happy about the template-feature on “thread”-level, and we’re already using that option for multiple categories.

Wanna dig this one out. Any chance this will make it to discourse?

Maybe based on a topic tag perhaps but per-topic, highly unlikely.

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That would work too :slight_smile: