Poster's name in From email instead of admin/orignal topic starter

Goal: I want to use Discourse like a traditional mailing list for a specific category.

I have successfully setup direct reply via email to a category.

  1. I start a topic (as an admin, not sure if that matters)
  2. Someone replies to the topic, either from their email client or from the web
  3. Discourse emails the reply to everyone with my name in the From field. Is it possible to replace that with the replier name?

There’s a similar thread:

The problem is that when names are enabled on a forum, the original poster’s name is used instead of inviter’s.

Where is that setting?

I think you can change the “From:” header for topic/post notifications but only forum-wide (not per email):

notification email (The from: email address used when sending all essential system emails. The domain specified here must have SPF, DKIM and reverse PTR records set correctly for email to arrive.)

Thanks. I did some more digging and found another discussion. Indeed, the problem I’m seeing is in Thunderbird email client. Gmail seems to be able to correctly display the replier in the From field, ie Jane Doe via

That’s bizarre. Did they never fix the issue that they had supposedly already fixed?

Sorry, I got the wrong end of the stick earlier, thinking you wanted to put the replier’s email address rather than name in the From: header.

On my forum it does this too (ie replier name via forum name). I don’t use Thunderbird any more so don’t know for sure whether it’s related to the other discussion.