Posting chat transcript from Slack: /chat-transcript redirects to /latest without posting anything

I haven’t posted a chat transcript from Slack in several months, so I don’t know when this stopped working. Today I tried to post a Slack thread transcription into my Discourse site. When I press “Continue on forum”, the request to /chat-transcript/<transcript ID> redirects to /latest and no topic is created and nothing is posted.

Before I go caving, does anyone by chance already know or strongly suspect what’s happening?

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This seems to work again today: the dialog to create a post opens with the content from my thread.

I’m not sure why it failed. I only know it works as of this commit: Commits · discourse/discourse · GitHub as part of version 3.2.0.beta5-dev. I didn’t notice any obvious candidate commit between 2023-12-27 and that commit that purported to fix the problem. :person_shrugging:


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