Posting Skype links is impossible

(Seleren) #1

When trying to post a skype link in such way:

[Skype link](skype:?chat&blob=RandomLongNumbersAndCharacters)

the result becomes an <a> without href.

Here’s an example.
Skype link

This cannot even be worked around by using the <a></a> link notation.

(Kane York) #2

Yes, this is on purpose. Some URL schemes can effectively execute code on the computer when you click on them, so the links are stripped out if the scheme isn’t whitelisted.

(Seleren) #3

How do you whitelist a scheme, then? I haven’t found anything in the settings.

(Kane York) #4

An extension point is needed in Discourse.Markdown's urlAllowed function.

(Seleren) #5

This might not be the best place to ask this, but after changing the JS and recompiling the assets, nothing changes. The old assets are still used and even if I overwrite the old assets with the new ones, Skype links are still accessible. I did check in multiple browsers and made sure that my browser was using the new version of the JS.

Any tips/ideas?