Non-http(s) urls in posts not hyperlinking properly

Hi guys,

On a newly-installed Discourse instance, I’m trying to hyperlink a Mumble server in a post body, which takes the form mumble://

I’ve tried with <a> tags and [markdown](links). Inspecting the post after it goes up, it looks like it’s not keeping the href in the <a> tag, as demonstrated in this example link which should lead to mumble://

I’m fairly new to running Discourse so I’m not sure if there’s a setting for security purposes perhaps that could be stripping the nonstandard protocol links? Possibly of note - the forum in question is running in a subfolder and seems to be fully functional, and the mumble:// link is to the same domain as the forum itself, as the Murmur server is on the same instance.

Any direction would be much appreciated, cheers.

Unrecognised URL schemes are not supported at present, however there’s a feature in the works to loosen these restrictions, so keep an eye out.


We are trying to use the applescript URL scheme for code blocks in our Discourse forum and a solution for this issue would be very helpful.

Thanks for the heads up. Is there a PR or something I could follow?

That would be provided in the post above yours.

No, it’s just part of the intended featureset for 1.7, as described in releases specifically, “Support alternate URL schemas if allowed such as ftp://, steam:// etc”.


Support for more url schemes has been added! There’s a new setting called “allowed href schemes” where you can add a list of schemes to allow in links.



Hey guys add me on Steam to play some Dota 2 :video_game:

EDIT: It works!

For better use:

  • steam://friends/add/76561197988628148 for adding someone

  • steam://store/570 for a game page

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Umm…nope. First link went to user search page. Second link went to store main page.

Both work for me. Which browser/OS are you on?

Me? Chrome 53, Windows 10 Pro.

Both links popped up this dialog where I clicked Launch Application:


@jomaxro I had wrong links, try now!

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Add friend isn’t opening Steam at all now, Dota 2 link is working.

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Did you add me manually?

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Not that I’m aware of! I was never given an option to friend you…that’s wierd.

I used a too agressive option :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So it works, and now we are friends for life.


As long as the external protocol request happens for the given url, then it’s working. And making new friends is pretty cool too. :green_heart:


@neil the raw version should work too…


Yeah, I forgot about that case. Will handle it next.


We decided not to handle that case (raw text) since it’s tricky to get site settings into an engine like auto-link.

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Maybe we can postpone until commonmark move?