Posts are hidden after a single flag

You could ask the admin to adjust the sensitivity of the flags to be closer to what it was before.

Overnight example below, as you can see a single flag has greyed out the post, the member who cast it was TL3, and this happens a lot, seemingly based on weighting of that member’s % of accepted flags, one single flag visibly alters a post.

The next 2 posts after this were discussing why it got flagged.

If they are adjusted, will they still send email notifications at the same rate?

A PM should only be sent to a user when their post is hidden. If the sensitivity is adjusted it should take more activity to hide a post and they won’t receive the PM until the threshold is hit.

What is the specific setting please to stop posts going grey, as shown above, while still remaining readable, after a single flag? This is the thing causing all the problems.

You are not seeing that post as the user does, because you are staff. Try switching to incognito mode or logging in as a normal user.

I’ll do that (first I’ll have to make a post as TL3, flag it from another account so may take a mo) but the two posts right after were someone asking why it got flagged, so they evidently saw it change, and then the member who posted replying they weren’t sure.

I would point your admins at this document:


I will, thank you, however I don’t understand from that whether turning down sensitivity of flags will also automatiically affect, as in reduce, the number of emails they send.

Low sensitivity in terms of hiding posts = good. Low sensitivity in terms of emailing mods = bad (undedsirable more accurately), if you see what I mean.

Like I said above PMs should only be sent when flags reach thresholds for hiding them. If this is not the case please let us know.

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Okay, but if the post was not greyed to others, and the member was not PM’d off one flag, how did an unrelated TL3 member know it had been flagged, and reply asking why, and the member whose post was flagged also knew?

Sorry if I am being obtuse, but for example I logged in a few days ago to a disagreement about the forum’s general topics, that had then became an argument about flags, and some posts only had one flag each, so something appears to be informing people.

I am trying to replicate this now, but while I have a test account I cannot adjust its % for accurate flags so may be unable to, I also contacted the member who commented on the post to see what they saw.

On our forum there is this possibility when flagging (top option) which notifies the person being flagged via a message directly from the flagger. Which can be sent before reaching the threshold where the system message kicks in and their post is greyed out or hidden. This would explain how users know they are being flagged.

Thanks, that was not what happened but I may have discovered the cause:

I posted in the Lounge from a TL3 test account asking a single Regular to flag it as anything but Spam, the post immediately greyed out, I tested it again requesting a specific member flag me, and the same thing happened.

View as person whose post was flagged:

Neither member added the “message to poster” option, but I got the “Post hidden by community flags” automated PM for both single-flagged posts.

I then made a new test account, set it TL3 just to get Lounge access from a non-mod account, and saw this:

Finally, I logged back in from my mod account just to verify a single flag had done this.

So is the issue that the forum is treating just 1 post as the threshhold for hiding a post, instead of 3?

If so this is an admin & setting issue, so I apologise for posting it here, but I had absolutely no reason to think this would happen, since the previous threshold was 3 flags, which is perfect, it happened at the same time as the update to 2.3, and it’s (obviously) creating rather a lot of problems for a single flag to hide things, on a forum where mild over-use of flags has been encouraged. :scream_cat:

I guess, to cap this off constructively - any chance mods can please be shown all the settings on things like this, without having access to change them? If I had seen this before, that 1 flag was going to hide a post and notify the person, it would have saved you on here and also me and the forum’s members, rather a lot of time. :smiley:

Edit to add: I just realised though that not all posts getting 1 flag are hidden… there is a member who diligently flags about something specific to our forum and his flags are not hiding posts completely. He’s TL3 and at about 60% agreed (just because he flags for a specific issue that’s not a direct violation of rules).

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Again I highly recommend your admins look into sensitivity. There isn’t much more to say until they have tried that out.

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It seems so, I am surprised this was altered and had no reason to know/believe it would be. That it happened with the update made me suspect it was to do with that, because the system we had was working great (and hopefully will again), and I cannot see the settings, which I hope you may consider giving mods a view of in the dashboard please? :smiley:

And hopefully the issues I described above will be useful to anyone debating setting their threshold at 1 flag, especially if they had previously been higher.

That’s… not a flag at all, in any way whatsoever. It’s just a PM like any PM you would send.

Seems like your issue is that the flag sensitivity settings have been manually adjusted by the staff on that particular instance, @ubik.

It seems not, the forum admin didn’t mention doing this when I raised it with them. We communicate, and this doesn’t seem to have a known cause.

I ran some tests to try and define this better:

Posts flagged by TL3 Regular users with 100% down to 62% (I did not test for below that) weighting for Agreed flags, are causing the posts to be hidden immediately by one flag, when those flags are cast for “Off-Topic” and “Inappropriate.”

And a factually incorrect PM is sent to the user whose post was flagged that “Multiple community members flagged this post before it was hidden.”

But flags for “Something Else” seem to act as before, they notify review queue (as it now is) with red icon. But do not hide post/send PM.

These are the types of flag:

This happens even if the user whose post was flagged is TL3, and I wish to emphasise having read around this is not to do with “Spam” flags nor is any abuse or other untoward behaviour occurring.

TL3 members used to be able to chose a flag and it would not automatically hide the post; now, only “Something Else” flags are acting in this manner.

Questions for Discourse:

  1. is it intended that the “Something Else” flag is as different to the others as “Spam” is (insofar as “Spam” immediately hides a TL0 post when cast by a TL3 user)? Hiding a post with a single flag was formerly TL4 privilege, it would be helpful to get some insight, please

  2. will admins adjusting sensitivity in the admin control panels described here end the red icon that is shown to all Staff (mods, admins) on the hamburger when they first log-in? It seems to me that this is only adjusted in “Tuning the Review Queue for High Traffic Forums” but I’d like to be sure of that, please.

  3. if the intent is for one flag to hide posts with weighting and Trust Level factored in, any chance the default PM can be edited please, so it does not incorrectly state multiple people flagged the post? This has caused some controversy on the forum I moderate, as described above.

  4. I have yet to run tests on a created TL2 account at 100% Agreed and find out what that can do with different flag types: can Discourse please give some idea of how weighting works, in non-TL3 accounts?

This is to let members know in the signup PM, and also in the Lounge, how to use their member-moderation abilities to help keep their community civilised.

There may technically be no immediate “problem this will solve” but as moderators are the main people interacting with members over what happens when they flag, and often, working hard to motivate them to do so, some idea of what to expect before a problem lands in our laps would be helpful, please. :+1:

So to recap, two out of three of the non-“Spam” flagging options are now acting in a new way, a bit like the “one flag hides” for TL4, described elsewhere, and I think this may be the root of the questions about this.

This might be true on your forum that accuracy 62-100 is enough, but there are other factors that determine if a post will be hidden. Again I implore you to read this post which those factors.

I’m having trouble parsing your question here, but “Something Else” flags have never been able to auto hide posts, nor is this now true with the review queue. The flag types that can result in posts being hidden automatically are “Off Topic”, “Inappropriate” and “Spam”. Previously if you were TL4 they would be hidden in one flag. Now, it depends on the score that is calculated.

No, sensitivity affects how strong an action is (ie, how many people performing it is required to do something like auto hide.) It does not affect the count in the red circle, which is affected by review default visiblity only.

This is a good suggestion and I’ve updated the text to be more clear:

Perhaps you can explain how I could improve this post as it lists all the factors involved in scoring posts and I think it’s quite clear.

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Little different case, forum version v2.3.2 +4

  • One user created a topic and received two “Inappropriate” flag (from tl3 and tl2 users). Topic was hidden, user revived notification
  • Moderator rejected both flags and restored topic
  • Another tl2 user with ~70% disagree ratio flag that topic with same reason, total flags 3 and topic hidden again with notification to OP (post_hidden_again)
  • Moderator again disagree with flag and restored topic
  • New user flag that topic… topic hidden, another notification
  • Moderator do same job… In settings hide post sensitivity was changed from “Medium” to “Low”
  • Another tl3 flag and post hidden again


  • I don’t understand how tl2 user with low agreement ratio was able to hide topic. System does not ignore “rejected” flags when count total flag weight? Maybe it should?
  • Don’t know if post_hidden_again event have any difference with regular post_hidden event expect message text. But maybe this event should not be triggered if previous hiding was automatic…
  • Totally don’t understand how I can deal with flags spam. User with high disagreement ratio still can flag any posts, and without ways to restrict him from this I found “User Flagging Ratio” section in admin interface useless. I can lock user on tl0, but this affects not only flag ability.

P.S. That topic was appropriate, just some users had some “fun” time.

Any comments on the above @eviltrout? Perhaps a “show me how this was arrived at” button would be helpful on the flags to teach people the specifics. That way we don’t have to clutter the UI with a lot of extraneous info, but for those that want to “dive deep” they can click to learn why.


Some information will be helpful, but still…
Today was another tl2 flag on topic, and topic was hidden again. We must have a moderator on duty to keep one topic from disappearing. And user already received 5 system notifications and in a panic.
This is definitely strange behavior.