Posts in WP Discourse interferes with the SEO of the Wordpress site

Hello everyone.
I ran into a problem.
When my posts from a Wordpress blog are imported to Discourse, they are visible to search robots.

My posts are imported into the “News” category

I was thinking about adding the “News” category to the file robots.txt, but the category url does not spell out the word “News”
For example:
URL category “News”:
URL post in category "News:
I’m thinking to add a category to robots.txt, but the URL should look like this:
Please tell me how I can do this?

Perhaps there are other options to hide posts from WP Discourse from indexing. Any ideas?
Please help to solve this problem

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There is nothing to solve out. It is not affecting your SEO anyway because of canonical URLs. It is actually someway improving your SEO (if users are commenting or reacting, and if Google thinks so).


@Jagster Thank you very much for your reply.
I didn’t even know what canonical links were. It’s good that Discourse can do this


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