Posts made via API and Spam Detection

Hi everyone - when making posts via the Discourse API, does spam checking automatically happen? Or is there something extra we would need to do?


If you use the same api that creates posts (as you’d find with Reverse engineer the Discourse API) then it’s the same thing as if the user did it in a browser.


Is it? How about the ‘user is typing too fast’ flag? (actual question)


That is really interesting! Thanks. I do have a prototype on a Node environment that uses the official API, but modifying it to use this approach would be fairly straightforward :grinning:

Good one. I don’t know.

But I think if you create with the API then you don’t load the page or open the composer and so, if how long the composer is open is how it decides you’re typing too fast, you haven’t opened the composer. (?)

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