Posts/Topics Deleted via Approval Queue should be logged

This has happened twice today already for me, but it seems Needs Approved Posts/Topics are not logged in the Staff Actions.

Here is what happens (the best I can tell)

  1. User signs up and creates a post (that is spam)
  2. Post Approval Queue picks up the post/topic
  3. Post Approval Queue deletes the topic/post so it isn’t visible
  4. Moderator seems notification, looks at queue, chooses Delete option
  5. User is deleted is placed in Staff Logs
  6. Post/Topic is removed with zero trace of it being found, it seems like it is permanently deleted, no log entry in staff actions, it isn’t visible using ?status=deleted on latest either.

Why do I find this information useful? Because I’ve had 3 deja vu moments today with 3 posts/topics. They all featured the term “Google Sniper”, and so I wanted to figure out which users posted this to try and see if there is an IP or email address pattern that would be meaningful or worth blocking to prevent these for a short period of time.

However, since the topic/post isn’t logged, I can’t tie it to a user that was deleted via the Approval Queue, and therefore I can’t force a rollup on IP to stop them.


Is this still a problem?

Seems to be (still no longs about the topic that is destroyed)


I’d like to add to this request - all actions done in the approval queue should be logged, just like flags. Right now there is no way to see which staff member approved a post if there is a question/disagreement over the post.


Now done via