Moderation history doesn't show undelete/approval

We had a post marked as needing approval:

when this happens it appears the spam system auto deletes it, causing this log entry:

and this moderation history entry:

Unfortunately when the post is marked as not spam there is no entry in the moderation history, just this log entry:


leaving the moderation history in the confusing state of showing the message as having been deleted by system even tho it’s visible to anyone.

TLDR; the moderation history should show when the post was confirmed as not spam (and by who).


Sure what do you think of this case @neil?


Hmm, a post needing approval shouldn’t be assumed to be spam and deleted… Have you set your site to require approval for new user posts? Or you’re using watched words to require approval?

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I think it’s because new users need to have their posts approved if they contain links.

It is weird that it was marked deleted while it was pending approval however my point was was more that the moderation history doesn’t show that someone had approved the post.

very confusing when you look at the moderation history on a visible post and all you can see is that it was deleted.

Ok I see. So we only have this way of seeing how a flag was resolved (disagree in this example):

which doesn’t show in the moderation history.

Currently we only log these things:


So we can add the other actions: disagree, and ignore.


I’m not sure if it makes a difference but this wasn’t a flagged post, it was one the system had marked as as needing approval due to the amount of links in it.

i.e showed up here:

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