Topic approval audit log

Is there anywhere I can find a log of who approved what topics?

I don’t see this anywhere.

Seems like this was asked a bit ago:

Any input?

There might be something better. But the queue “blocks” the user. When the topic / post is approved the one that approved “unblocks” the user. “Blocking” can happen as a separate action too, so YMMV


I’ve searched my logs and see no records of that transaction occurring. Just for sanity check I forwarded one and check the logs right at approval with nada there.

Its almost as if the staff action doesn’t exist in any way.

Nothing at all like this? Did you try the Filter?


Users who enter the approval queue for reasons other than spam checks will not necessarily be blocked. For example, if new topic approval for users <TL2 is enabled, all TL0 and TL1 users who create new topics will not be blocked.