Preemptively add email id to group

Is there a way to preemptively add an email address to a group, such that new users will automatically be members that group when/if they create an account? (Or, perhaps, is there a better/more discourse-y way to achieve the same goal?)

I’m using discourse in the context of a college, and some of our teachers want to use private groups for specific classes. Right now, we create the group, ask users to create accounts (with known email addresses), then add users to the groups. It’s a bit tedious, however, since we end up having to go back several times to pick up stragglers, etc., and we’re wondering if there’s a better way. Thanks in advance for all ideas!

The easiest way with something like a college is to use SSO and include groups in the payload.


Discourse can add users from a specified email domain to a group:

Users who register with an email domain that exactly matches one in this list will be automatically added to this group

Admin → Users → Groups → Group → Manage → Membership


Could you just let users join the group? Or assign a group owner who could let them in?

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Thanks everyone. It looks like setting up a SSO is the way to go. The domain match is interesting and good to learn about, but doesn’t work in my situation.


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