Adding users to groups by their email addresses

Hi team,

I need an easy way to add users to groups based on their email address. It takes a lot of my time having to search the member list for the person’s
user name.

Is this feature on your radar? I could really use this.


Users who are invited via email can be assigned to a group automatically in the invite link.

If all of these user come from same domain that can be configured in the group setting to assign anyone signing up with that domain’s email will be added to group.


You can add users to a group based on their email address by clicking the group’s Bulk Add to Group button:

This will open a form that accepts a list of user’s email addresses or usernames. If you don’t already have a list of emails or usernames, you can use a Data Explorer query that returns a single column (either username or email address) and copy and paste the query’s result directly into the Bulk Add to Group form.


Perfect. I overlooked the bulk as an option.