Preparing test Installation -some questions

  1. Small forum / big forum what metrics do i need to check in vbullettin to understand if getting 1 or 2 mb droplet (digitalocean)? probably it’s a small forum, but just to play safe! (if possible i would try to install also a small TS server on it)

  2. It’s a test so was planning to use a temporary domain! will il be easier to change domain at a second time?

  3. Also can i change later the email server?

  4. Do i first run the import script from the old forum or i first install the plugins i need?

  5. Is the DigitalOcean discourse one click application the preferred install method?

Ty in advance for your replies
I checked the forum for some answer but all the documentation is overwhelming?

Size of the database doesn’t matter that much. What matters is how active your forum is.

Yup, easy peasy

Sure, just edit your app.yml file and rebuild the container.

Installing the plugins after will make the import slightly faster.

No. It’s this one

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As a rule of thumb you want the database to fit in ram. If you have hundreds of thousands of posts, you might need more ram. If you’re installing many plugins, I recommend going with 2gb of ram.

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Ty all for the replies!

1 more question

suggested dimensions for header primary and compact logo?