[Solved] Help setting other websites on the same DigitalOcean droplet

I’m trying to follow the steps from the “Running other websites with Discourse” how-to, but i feel like:

So, if someone with NGINX and Docker experience wants to help me, we can agree a budget.


Leave my current hosting and take it all to Digital Ocean by running on a same 2GB RAM DigitalOcean droplet a little Discourse forum (20 people) + Wordpress (personal blog) + TinyTinyRSS + SemanticScuttle + WallaBag.

Will this be an ‘All fresh from scratch’ install? Do you have imports that need to be considered. Also existing domains that need repointing?

This doesn’t really solve the problem but t don’t know if you should really host all that on a single 1GB droplet. Doesn’t discourse use a pretty decent amount of RAM?

It’s a good point. After checking my droplets, i’ve seen that Discourse have a memory usage of >700MB, so I’ve decided to choose the 2GB RAM Droplet. With this amount of memory, do you think it’ll be enough? The forum will be tiny (max. 20 people), the blog doesn’t have many visits and the other webapps are only for my own use.

Discourse forum and webapps will be ‘fresh from scratch’, blog will be imported (i think i can do it), but my purpose is to learn how to do the process of add a site to the droplet. I want to play and learn with this.

I’d recommend you put discourse one a 1GB droplet and all the other stuff on a separate 1GB droplet. It’ll be a lot easier to manage that way.

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I was making a mental effort to balance my financial accounts and had not realized that two droplets would be so much easier!

…so this topic is no more matter of this forum, i will ask someone on DigitalOcean :sweat_smile: