Present a category topic list as a "blog"

Is there a plugin that allows for topic lists to be presented as a “blog”? That is - presented with full the full cooked topic content and not only the excerpt? (truncated content for long posts + read more button)

I’d like to achieve something similar to how wordpress dev teams uses blogging with comments as a work tool.

Like this:

Overriding a template won’t do, right? I guess the full topic content is not available by default in the topic list?

would this do?


Ah, yes, nice styling of individual topics. But, what I’d like to achieve is a blog style presentation of the list of topics, that is - present the full cooked content for each topic in the list.

Wouldn’t that lead to performance problems? Possibly yes. Ideally there would be pagination or better yet - lazy loading. Comments wouldn’t have to be included in the list. Long topics can be truncated. But, topics in this category should be kept short and used similarly to how Wordpress devs use them: meeting notes, short updates, announcements.

I think you need either a #plugin or a #theme for that.
Or you could just use wordpress (and make discourse only handle the comments part)