Prevent users creating new topics in a category but allowing them to comment?

I have searched but I didn’t find an answer to this question (although the keyboard are very common, so maybe I just missed it).

Is there a way to organize permissions so that users can reply in a category but not create new topics?

Use case. is a community wishlist. Feature requests go through a collaborative drafting phase (in the Drafts category) before they are confirmed (and moved to the Features) category. We want users to create their drafts in Drafts, and not post them directly under Features.

We could remove write permissions for TL0-TL2 but then these users could not comment on topics in that category either, and this would be worse.

For now we have resolved it with topic templates for each category, asking users not to post new topics in the features category.

Using How to create private categories using category security settings you can achieve this. You can change the category security settings to match your needs.


you security settings on the category should be:



Doh, I knew this and in fact I was checking category security settings yesterday (late) night.

Too many things when creating a new site while dozens of users are already joining and using it! Thank you so much for the quick replies. Fixed.

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