Preventing user from bumping so many topics


I just realized one of my users bumped tens of topics in past hour. I gave her a warning. However I was curious is there a limit or something that automatically prevent such behavior?

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This plugin might help: Discourse-no-bump: prevent users from bumping topics.

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As far as I see, its only working for user’s own topics. My problem is user is bumping so many topics from other users.

So those aren’t bumps, but necros ?

What trust level is this user at? There are posting limits for new and TL0 users.

Idk what should I call it. the topics aren’t dead. However this user posted on so many topics and they came to top. This will prevent other users seeing the most recent topics and brings confusion to forum.

tl2. She didn’t have a real intention to spam the forum though. But the end result was like spamming.

My personal response to a repeat offender situation would be to lock the offender down to TL0 until they’ve gotten the message that it’s disruptive, but only after some gentle discussion about how that’s not really appropriate behavior for the forum. Before trying to tech someone out of behavior, try to teach it to them.

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If the user is TL2 there is not much to do other than follow up directly with that person via PM.