Previous Custom Text keeps appearing when refreshing Customize Text page

So I manually updated category.replace_paragraph in the database, in translation_overrides table. This is part of some server sync thing I’ve made.

And it reflects in the page correctly:

Until I keep refreshing the page, for some reason, then it cycles back and forth between this correct value and an old value that I used as part of testing:

But this WWW value is no longer in translation_overrides. The only place left where I can find it is in user_histories as one of the previous test values:

I thought it might have been an issue with WWW still being in memory or something, but even from a different browser (where WWW had never been loaded), the same behavior occurs.

Anyone have an idea why this happens? Is there another table that holds old values that I don’t know about?

How did you install Discourse? Unstable site settings is a sign of a broken install, based on what I’ve seen.

Standard Discourse-docker install, but I did mess with the settings, trying to migrate the settings from one server to another. Might have messed with some server-specific setting in site_settings that I shouldn’t have.

Should I take it that the settings saved by the site_settings:export rake task are all safe to copy from one server to another? Not likely to break anything? I’ll use it as a guide to whitelist the settings to migrate, if so.

I’m not sure, I just wanted to mention it because site settings that don’t save, or come back different over time, tend to be associated with broken Discourse installs based on the last 7+ years I’ve been reading meta topics.