Private message time messed up

The message I sent says 7 hours ago when it was sent one minute ago. The admin panel shows the user was on one minute ago. So confused :confused: is this bug or something I did

Is your local computer’s clock in an unusual state? Never heard of or seen this before, so unlikely to be a bug.

Nope, it’s stable as can be, it’s macOS and synced to NTP.

That message was sent minutes ago, now 8:06AM might be server time, but the time on PMs should show time relative to how long ago from server time a message was sent, not comparing client to server time because of time zone differences.

No idea, looks like a problem with your config, we are not seeing and have never seen this issue.

I’m using the Docker install method since that’s what’s supported. In the meanwhile though where do you recommend I start looking for a configuration error?

I would check Server clock (should be utc) and your local computer clock. Beyond that no idea, never seen any issue like this in 5 years of Discourse.

My guess is that something doesn’t know what time zone it’s in.

How do you recommend I check for and fix the issue. I followed you guys instructions to setup.

You followed the cloud install for Docker guide, but is this hosted at DigitalOcean? DO is recommended because they don’t have any squirrelly config which can lead to install issues or other aberrations. This might be one such example.

A cursory dig suggests it’s on by BuyVM. I only know of one other install hosted on their kit, @xaoseric have you ever had any issues related to timeservers?

It might be worth starting with them if there’s an issue with the config of the VM itself. Setting up Discourse by the guide doesn’t do anything which could lead to what you’re reporting, however there are a raft of things on the server side which could be responsible.

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DigitalOcean isn’t an option I’m basically under constant DDoS and Frantech + my own filters barey handle it. That being said where do you recommend I start looking.

A DigitalOcean VM can sit behind CloudFlare. Is this DDOS going to take CF down? From experience they’re pretty good at protecting sites.

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A few ways Cloudflare sites are taken down:

  1. Layer 7 attacks suck. And with Cloudflare you can’t blackhole IPs faster than they attack you.
  2. I can put a URL into the preview or request a password reset email and get the server’s real IP that way

So um yes Cloudflare sites can be taken down. I’m not taking any chances. Let’s solve the bug, not give one web host a monopoly on hosting Discourse sites.

Cool, well let us know how you get on with your host. Should be a simple support ticket, the application you’re running on their server is misreporting time and it’s more than reasonable to expect both the hypervisor and VMs to be running on UTC.

Once you’ve ruled that out, and can guarantee that the OS layer is handling time correctly we can go from there.

I’ve submitted a support ticket to check for any issues with the OS layer and hypervisor layer time issues.

The host has confirmed no issues on their end, and advised me to configure ntpd. I also set the timezone to UTC and then did a reboot. However the issue remains, Discourse still reports incorrect sent times showing a message was sent 7 hours ago when it was just sent.

Just curious… What time zone are you in? Utc -7?

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nope I’m eastern time on my local system, it’s 10:50PM here.

So you created that message on your browser?

I’d say the first thing to check is what timestamp it has on the database record. Using data explorer.

If the database is correct, then check the json.

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Ok so view: it’s doing the same thing. I just posted and it says 7 hours ago 4:09PM, the server time is UTC, I’m in eastern time, this is confusing about the PM part as it’s 4:09AM UTC. This is looking like a post bug too. Thoughts?

Go to Data Explorer and pull up the post record. What timestamp does it have?