Private messages aren't imported from phpBB if conversation root doesn't exist

When importing from phpBB, I get messages like the following:

Parent post pm:1234 doesn’t exist. Skipping 1235

Since phpBB doesn’t treat conversations via private messages as a single unit, it’s quite common for people to have the most recent reply to a private message in their inbox but remove the original message (the one that was replied to). While having these “incomplete” conversations dropped isn’t a huge issue, it would be more consistent to import the messages as they are and consider the oldest message from a conversation as its root.

Can you try with the tests-passed or beta branch? I made a few changes to the import of private messages, but those changes aren’t in the stable branch. I’m quite sure that this is already fixed. If not, please provide exact steps to reproduce.

BTW: I’d really recommend not using the stable branch for imports. The phpBB3 import script has some really bad bugs (e.g. imported polls do not work) that are fixed in the beta branch.


You are correct. I tried 1.6.0 Beta 11 and I can see partial conversations in my inbox - these have been imported as well. Thank you for fixing this issue and sorry about the false alarm.

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