Private messages sharedrop

(Pirat) #1

I propose to add it in a private message, in order to allow users to peredovat each other files

(Jens Maier) #2

That’s completely out of scope for a message board, even with shoutbox-style chat support…
Besides, even though it’s JavaScript, it relies on a node.js backend.

(mountain) #3

It would be a plugin for forums that rely on intensive file-sharing, not for the core source code. I really can’t think of any forums that would use it beyond something that might be illegal in some form.

(Jens Maier) #4

The main problem is that it’s peer-to-peer. The prerequisite that all peers are online at the same time simply isn’t reconcilable with the typical use case of a message board.

(mountain) #5

More like instant message in that case. If this had chat built in.

(Pirat) #6

and this feature to share files that are considered anonymous
I do not know about you but I love anonymous forums, this function will create anonymity discourse