Private uploads in a certain category

For one category of question, it’s quite common to ask the user to share - privately - sensitive data. To do that, staff initiates a private message with the user and then the user uploads into that private thread.

But is there a mechanism available to allow the user to upload something only staff can see without staff first initiating this direct/private message?

Since the likelihood of needing the upload in that category is high, it would be nice to just skip the rigmarole and have the user do the upload from the outset.

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Depending on what type of data you’re asking the users to share, this could be done through a custom user field. For example, if you just needed a place for users to enter sensitive text based data, you could setup a custom user field that’s only visible to moderators that could either be required upon signup, or that they could enter in after creating an account.

Users could then edit this field on their Account → Preferences → Profile page, which would only be visible to moderators and the user themselves.

Beyond this, I believe private messages would be the best way to handle these types of situations.

I hope this helps!


Thanks for your ingenious suggestion @SaraDev. In fact, what we need is the ability to upload multiple, lengthy files and/or zip files. So I don’t think that’ll work.

And I’m keeping this in my back pocket in case other needs come up!