Private topic links are not displayed as topic titles

Hi, I’d like to display topic links as titles.
When I post a topic inside a private category below,
The topic link which is in the same category was not displayed as title.
How do i fix it?


This is a security feature, it we need to be ultra careful about expansions here cause editors can then glean private information about topics they are not allowed to see.


Yes, I agree that hiding titles from unauthorized users.

I 'd like to know the difference from onebox.
For example, topic A and topic B are in the same private category.
The topic B shows the link of topic A.
When using a onebox, topic B showed preview of topic A with title.
When using a whitespace with topic A url, topic B showed just topic A url.

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Confirmed this is an oddity with the inline oneboxer that we should get fixed.


The following PR ensures that links with trailing spaces will be transformed to regular Oneboxes instead of inline Oneboxes:


I don’t think we want to fully onebox URLs with leading spaces? Quite a lot of effort was put into making sure that leading spaces prevent oneboxing:

I think inline-oneboxing is correct, but we need to fix the inline oneboxer so that it works cross-category in the same way as the regular onebox


Yes, @dan is already aware and working on updating his PR :wink:


The problem here was caused by the fact that InlineOneboxer does not take into consideration the context of the link (i.e. topic’s category). I refactored Oneboxer to expose the same method used to get the Topic object, but in the long term we should be combining the two classes and have an inline: option.